Wednesday, July 21, 2010


so this week I had my physical and last week I went in for the blood work. One of the things that we tested was my vision... well one eye tested 20/70 yikes and the other eye 20/50 better but when I read the eye chart with both eyes I tested 20/40.... how can that be? Again another medical mystery, but that would explain why when I wear glasses I get a headache. Who knew.
Also I had to get a TB test and she comes in with a needle and I ask where is the thing with like 4 prongs that you poke us with? The nurse looks at me and says"if that's what they used on your last test it has been way toooo long since you needed one" hmmm fancy that they were surprised by how long it had been (obviuosly they don't know me). Any how when she put the needle in my lower arm it did just what it was supposed to do (yeah me) but then when she pulled it out something happened and she sprayed the stuff in the syringe out and it squirted my face, huh!! yuck I was thourghly grossed out. She told me not to worry obviously I didn't have TB yeah well it was still gross!!! Now I'm off to have it read. And I am done with physicals for awhile.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Philippians 4 :13

"I can do all things through Christ who strenghthens me."

This would sum up how I feel about the dossier for a Philippine adoption. Now any one who knows us knows that we have adopted 3 times already. We are very familiar with paperwork. But the requirements for this country are quite particular, actually I'm being nice they are completely over the top. I wanted to quit. The other night when I went to bed I was very frustrated and thought" in the morning I'm going to talk to Dan about switching countries and agencies," I had had my fill. When I woke up the next morning this verse was right there ,my first thought, so I knew the lord was speaking to me to not give up. So we will keep plugging away and what a day of rejoicing there will be when I finally have this dossier done and ready to send in.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Well summer is chugging right along. This past week we have had the hottest weather...holy cow!!! I do not do well with heat. But like everything wait will change. Today we are getting some much needed rain. So I will recap some of what is going on...

Elaina has been away at camp she also turned 10 years old at the begining of the month, this picture of her is 3 years old but I really like it . And we haven't downloaded any new pictures in awhile.

we have summer soccer 4 nights of the week

we have VBS this next week at night 6-8 pm for ages 2 and up so if you are in the area bring your kids

I have sold one of my quilts YEAH!!!

We have started selling raffle tickets on the queen size quilt so if you are intersted let me know

And drum roll please.... we mailed out another set of paperwork and will be getting the next set to start. This adoption is very different from either of the other 3. The agency we are using Children of all Nations does it very different. You only get the next step as you pay and send in the paperwork. Our other agency sent you all the paperwork requirements up front so you could be doing multiple things. So I am trying to stay patient with the new system. I am hoping to send out all the rest of the dossier by the end of August, but I need to see what exactly we need to do.