Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Big News !!!

So we have experienced full spectrum of emotions in the last few weeks. My sister in law who has been very sick with cancer passed into the arms of Jesus last Tuesday. She had been battling cancer for 18 months. It has been a long painful journey for her and the family having to watch it take its' toll. Deb had been a very strong, educated woman completely devoted to her family and friends. She was one who did , thought, talked and believed with everything in her. Ava would go with me when it was my day to take care of her and even though Deb was sick she always was patient with Ava, talked with her played when she was able and often would take Avas' face in her hands kiss both cheeks and then pray a blessing on her and her life. She made a wonderful sister loyal and loving and challenging or speaking that which wasn't easy but true. She has touched our lives forever. So last Friday was the funeral, a hard day to be sure. We went and mourned and celebrated her. When we got home in the late afternoon guess what was in my inbox? Files on 3 children. We have been waiting and waiting with nothing happening for so long and then on a day of great sorrow....GOD does His thing and sends us something to be happy about. And it is this type of situation that makes the term bittersweet so real. We have chosen a little girl who just turned 6 years of age. This is our first older child adoption so I have lots of reading to get done. I haven't told our parents yet as we just let the agency know today. But we are excited and nervous and happy and nervous and thrilled. Her name is Svetla but I think we are going to change it to Sylvia very similar yet a name we have chosen. But this could change......probably not ....but maybe....ummm probably not. Anyhow Sylvia Joy....I like it. Post script we are not using the name Sylvia it seems all our older children did not like that name.....who knew. We are leaning towards Sophia but we shall see.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nothing much

So nothing really pressing to report. We have no news on the adoption. Bummer. on a few games. I was begining to think that was not going to happen. Alexs' team has only won a game and that was the very first one. So kind of a dry spell there. Pre-school is full we have our full roster all 5 days so the time there is crazy. But I do enjoy working with all the kiddos. I have signed up to be a homework helper after school on Mondays. And next week we start back up with 4-H. Whew I get tired just typing it. But we have established our school routine so now we can add to it and hopefully not feel to stressed. I am still going 1-2 afternoons a week to help my sister in law.