Friday, December 17, 2010


My baby boy....

Well it happened last Sunday, my baby boy turned 16. The time has truly flown by. He is the last of our homegrown kiddos. My baby boy. did you ever have one that just was made to be the baby of the family? Well Alex is ours. He came into the world quickly and then settled right down. I never had to get up in the night to feed him, he slept through from the day he was born. He just loved to be loved, the other kids ,especially the girls adored him. And rightfully so, he smiled and went with the flow. He is still a very laid back kid(too laid back at times ahem). Any way he was a perfect fit for this family, we celebrated it on Saturday and then on Monday his dad took him to pick out his cell phone and when he is ready (meaning he has read the manual) his dad will take him for his permit test. I can't even believe he is old enough to start driving. He plays basketball ,soccer and will do track in the spring. He still loves to play almost anything. if you come with younger kids he will get his stuff out and play right along with them, video games no problem,blow up army men in the sand pit you bet. He really likes getting fire crackers, the boys play by the hour with them. We live out in the country so no worries. Ever see a tomato get blown up? Yeah well here it happens on a regular basis.
I am going to share the background story of Alex because it is so wonderfully God. Seventeen years ago we were leaving evening church service and our Daughter Sara said"I know what I want for my birthday next year" "we just celebrated your birthday and you're already thinking about next year?" (her birthday is December 10th) She says "yes" "I asked God for a baby brother" Dan and I were dumbfounded, we told her that she would not be getting that for her "gift". she was not swayed," I asked God for a baby brother for my birthday." well the new year came and life was crazy and long about June I realized I wasn't feeling all that great, and guess what I was expecting and due in December, 3 days after Sara's birthday. The closer it got to her b-day she started saying she didn't want him to share her birthday. Well at this point in time he was going to come when he came. Her birthday came and went and I went into labor on the 12th had him that afternoon. Sara was here for his birthday and she said "I wish he had been born on my birthday" Man make up your mind.
Never underestimate the power of your childrens prayers. Get them on board in prayer with you. God has done amazing things for our family all because our children have prayed in faith believing GOD would answer. We named him Alexander it means defender of the people, we believe God has big things for Alex. since he was 2 years old he has always said he was going to be a marine.
Be blessed ....

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Children......

the children were all nestled snug in their beds with visions of tool boxes and pillow pets danced in their heads......

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Grocery shopping...

So yesterday Dan and I went grocery shopping. He was willing to go and drive so hey who am I to say no. We went to a bigger store for our know what that means... we spent way more than we would of if we had stayed close to home. So you ask how bad could it be we spent my whole months worth in one trip. This is pretty typical of my husband, he feels like we are not ready for winter unless the pantry and freezer are full. So he shops and buys some things that I would never consider. You may ask what could that be

one cheese in a can...

two avacadoes

three packs of cheese

four cans of soup

five cans of tuna

six chicken breasts

seven boxes of crackers

eight cake mixes

nine boxes of cereal

ten frozen patties

eleven fresh vegetables

and twelve cans of MT. DEW

Oh yeah there it is our own twelve days of Christmas....

And honestly if you think I'm kidding about the amounts, I'm not. We have cereal everywhere in the pantry, we had four un-opened boxes before we went so I really have 13 un-opened boxes...any one want to come for breakfast? Oh wait we didn't get any milk... ugh!!!

So should we get snowed in we have provisions and really all that matters is if we get snowed in I have MT DEW a woman has to have her priorities.