Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WOW.... Been a long time

I can't believe it has been so long since last posting. Much has happened since then. We have had a great summer vacation. The weather has been great and the strawberry patch has started really producing. YEAH! We have moved along on the adoption front cosiderably Here is the timeline thus far: October 27,2014 saw him on the agency waiting child website November 7,2014 mailed in the pre-approval paper work which was the last possible date we could because our agency was going to have to turn the file back in and have it sent to another agency. November 20,2014 received our pre-appoval YEAH January 7,2015 had our home study and worked at getting the rest of our paperwork together. April 2015 filed for USCIS approval May 2015 got approval and Mailed in dossier to agency June 24, 2015 received our Log in date July 1, 2015 went into translation August 20,2015 we received official letter seeking confirmation, WHEW we have made it this far, I am now working on the rest of the USCIS docs and have it ready to go to the agency I am really hoping that we travel in November that would be awesome