Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Thankfull

We have been re-doing our kitchen and pantry for 3 months. UGH!!! but it will be wonderful once it's done, that being said it has been in a state of tore up now. Last night the make shift counters went along with make shift sink. Today I was making soup and Ava climbed up on the step stool to unplug the shop vac, why I have no idea, but she did. While trying to unplug the vac she had a screw in her you see where I'm going....the screw went up and slightly in the socket and blam there were sparks everywhere. The outlet, plug, wall, screw were all burned but Ava was not. Thank-you Jesus that you protected her. She did a fair amount of crying but mostly from fright then injury. We are so grateful.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Is it about me or about God? Lately it's been all about me and what I want. I confess , very very ,very, much about me and what I wanted.

Forgive me Lord........

I'm coming back to a heart of worship.....
It's all about YOU.....

No where in there is my name