Thursday, March 22, 2012

Well where to start. On Monday as we were driving home from yet another dentist appointment for Ava, and she was crying hysterically, and I was frazzled. I mean how long can they cry, in this case it turns out for several hours. Ugh what a long ride home. I was sitting in the back with her and Dan was driving and he started talking about how we could relate this experience and have it be a good learning tool. Well he was right God started lining up all the pieces of what we had been through on that day and there is a lesson to be learned.

When we take Ava to the dentist we don't tell , sounds mean but really it is to save her from being afraid and nervous and miserable in advance. This way she gets to enjoy her day right up until we pull in the parking lot of said office. Isn't that so like God? He doesn't let us in on life changing events until it is time because as humans we wouldn't enjoy what we have/had because we would be so nervous or afraid or dreading what it is God wants to do with us next. WE don't live in the moment when we are always anticipating what it is God is going to do next, we spend hours maybe days or months trying to figure God out instead of enjoying what we have. Monday morning at pre-school Ava was having a ball she was laughing and playing and so active. I sat and watched her enjoying her time and thinking if she knew what was coming she would be on my lap crying, and that is exactly the point we do the same thing or we anticipate bad news or events and we don't live in the present that God has for us. I confess to being in this situation alot...too much.
When the truth is in Gods word
Matthew 6:34 "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own."

Now lets get out there and enjoy what it is God has given us this day,don't miss the smiles ,hugs and opportunities to love that are before us.