Monday, February 28, 2011


Here are a few pictures of Ava wearing her new au dai. Aileen sent this to us and it is just beautiful. It has some glitter and embroidery detail
Ava was the ultimate model; she is quite the ham. Beth took the pictures and she did a great job I think.
We are in sectional play for boys basketball, going to a game tonight. And we are not taking the younger ones with us. YEAH Their grandma is coming to watch them; this is a real treat for us. We don't mind taking them but it will be older kids only and sometimes that is nice;)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Quick Update

So it has been seriously crazy around here. We have finished regular season basketball and are now in sectional play. Beth's team won their first game and play again tomorrow night and Alex was pulled to varsity so he has his first game tonight. Both teams have had a great season. It has cerainly made the winter fly going to games 5 nights a week. We had a little taste of


last week just enough to help get through the next few weeks of winter. It was up to 50 degrees last Thursday and Friday. While it was nice I cleaned up the basement and cleaned out some closets. I was going to wash blankets but figured that would be jumping the gun just a little.

We have burned through this years wood supply. We usually have 4-5 cord of wood to carry over but not this year. Dan keeps counting what is out there and then dividing it by weeks of winter left. Not to worry I say.....we always have the furnace ;)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Settling In.....And Birthdays

The pictures above are Phoebe: she just had her birthday and turned 7 years old
Then Alex at his birthday, he turned 16 years old
And Ava at her 4th birthday....they are all growing up

So we are bracing ourselves for a winter is almost every where else. We went and picked up a few supplies only the essentials you know.....mountain dew, milk,bread, sugar so I can bake cookies. So bring on the snow (can't stop it anyhow) we are ready,,,seriously.

We had a big day today...guess if you can...a REALLY BIG DAY!!!!

And in other news Ava had her first day of pre-school. Yep 5 months late start but finally going. She did great, the teachers said it was like she has always been going, no problem. She spelled her name and learned the letter "N" and made a groundhog. I don't think pontsitony Phil will be seeing any shadow tomorrow, I doubt he will come out of the imaginary hole in the ground. Hibernation.