Thursday, July 12, 2012

Girls and Summer

Thought I would post pics of the girls this summer. Bethany is a soccer referee this summer. She likes doing it and has gotten to be even more outspoken....if that's possible ;o. Elaina wearing the dress she made for 4-H. She recieved a blue ribbon on it. Phoebe and Ava at the water park sitting on Paul Bunyans' dog. We have pictures of all the kids sitting on this dog. This time while we were doing the pics the big kids weren't thrilled with sitting on the dog. I love looking back and seeing the old photos, but realizing just how much time has gone by and how quickly it went makes me a little sad. So far we are having a good but busy summer. The kids play soccer 4 nights a week and our church is getting ready for VBS. We are trying to ejoy it, and not just endure it.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Fun

We took the kids up to the mountains camping this past week. The weather was perfect, we did lots of swimming and card playing and eating. We borrowed a amper from some friends of ours and man that was a great move. No tent no air mattress and no worrying about the bears. They came into our site most every night but we were snug in the camper. My coffee creamer did suffer the casualty of the bear, it ate the whole thing so we had to go buy more. No one wanted to be with a momma who had not had her morning cup.....and I mean no one . :) I love going and sitting at the lake in the morning it is so peacefula and relaxing. The 3 girls had a great time, the older ones were cell texting. Oh well that is exactly why we go there. We told our son that obviously he wasn't stressed if he didn't need to just relax. That is the beauty of being 21. Any who it was fun and I'm glad we took the opportunity to go.