Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good news

So I wouldn't even know where to begin. What a crazy time it has been. We had a stomach bug .....ugh...and then our Aunt passed away and life is just crazy.
But in the midst of that good things were still going on.
We had applied 8 weeks ago for our FBI clearance letter. We have been waiting and waiting....and waiting...I called twice to see what I could find out. Well this week I was informed that mine were not clear and they had to be sent to a special unit for review. Man...how frustrating, they get 2 weeks to review and then if not good notify me and I would have to do them again and wait the 8 weeks again. I was discouraged how come ....why me....blah ..blah...blah.. We started praying for favor with my print card and tried to stay positive. On Friday I was beyond frustrated but Dan prayed and we went to the funeral and everything there went well and when we checked our mail.....there it was ...yes!!! Thank you Lord for miraculously providing what we were hoping for. So that was the last piece of information we needed for our dossier. I am getting everything notarized and then county sealed and then mailing it out. Whew....it has taken us 3months and 2 weeks to get everything we needed for this one. Not bad. So hopefully by Wednesday this part of the process will be over and we will be waiting on translation and being presented to the ministry of justice in Bulgaria. if we are approved we will make this public knowledge. Hopefuly we will have good news to share. I fwe are turned down we won't be saying anything. I have added a picture of Ava and myself when I was in Vietnam picking her up. Just to remind me that it can happen.