Tuesday, October 6, 2015

NVC Letter

So things are moving along on the adoption. HALLELUJAH!!! We received the NVC letter and I filed the visa info and submitted it , it is being cabled to Guangzhou and we should hear back by October 22 and then get the consulate appointment and then travel dates. All that to say we are on track to travel in November. We are beyond excited to be this close. I have his bedding and some clothes already and will wait on anything else till we have him and know his size. Anything I have purchased can be used for my grandsons who are similar in size. We have decided on his name. In other goings on the strawberry patch is winding down, whew, we will be open another couple of weeks and then closing for the season. We have had a terrible season for 2015 the weather in June really hurt the crop, but Praise God for what we did manage to harvest. The kids are all back in school and off to a good start. Anna is doing well hardly any phone calls home. Elaina is in 10th grade and playing soccer, the season is not been great to say the least. Phoebe is managing really well in 6th grade, and Ava is loving 3rd grade so I am happy. Beth is going fine in Colorado although we all miss her something fierce. Alex is at college and we never see him so no news is good news.

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